ProCo Hood Cleaning Review 3 Great Steakhouses in Denver, Colorado

Located in the Lodo, Northwest area of Denver, Colorado is A5 Steakhouse.  It is one of many restaurants that is owned by The Culinary Creative Group.  They have opened several restaurants, coffee shops and bars in New Orleans, Louisiana, Aspen, Colorado and Denver, Colorado.   Juan Padro is the Founder and CEO of The Culinary Creative Group.  Earning his Bachelor of Arts at the University of Massachusetts, Juan then went on to work in many high-end restaurants learning the trade … Read More

Commercial Kitchen for Rent

Maybe You’re interested in testing your commercial food ideas on a commercial kitchen.  We own a hood cleaning business and thought this was good information. It is possible to share kitchen space with other people in the country. Locate licensed, high-quality commercial kitchen rentals. Let’s begin cooking in a kitchen near us! Shared Use Kitchen Space Commercial kitchens are sometimes called community commercial or kitchen incubators. They provide licensed and inspected space that can be rented to small-scale businesses or … Read More

Range Hood Cleaning & Exhaust Fans Filter Degreasing Tips

There are many questions we receive about cleaning home hoods. We are not able to clean residential hood systems as we are a commercial-level hood cleaning company. The pressure systems and methods we use in commercial hood cleaning are not suitable for residential cleaning. However, we can make some recommendations for cleaning your hood at residence. How can a dirty filter ruin your mealtime? Learn three simple ways to clean the range hood filter with professional tips from an expert … Read More

Capri Kitchen Nightmares

Capri was a Los Angeles-based restaurant that featured in Season 4 of Kitchen Nightmares. For the latest information, check back.  As a hood cleaning proprietor, I have seen some of the dirtiest kitchens out there, but this one really takes the cake! Find out what Gordon Ramsay saw on The Capri, and what has changed since Gordon left The Capri. Capri Kitchen Nightmares Episode Recap Gordon Ramsay visits Capri, Eagle Rock in Los Angeles in this episode of Kitchen Nightmares. … Read More

Burger Kitchen Kitchen Nightmare

Read about the events that took place when Gordon Ramsay visited Burger Kitchen at Kitchen Nightmares. Also, learn why Burger Kitchen was closed.  I own a business that specializes in hood cleaning and can relate to many of the shows that go behind the scenes. Burger Kitchen is a Los Angeles, California restaurant that was featured in Season 5 of Kitchen Nightmares. For the latest information, check back. Burger Kitchen Episode Recap Burger Kitchen opened for just 16 months, but … Read More

ProCo Hood Cleaning Reviews 3 Mediterranean Restaurants in Denver, Colorado

Cafe Miriam’s is in City Park in the Northeast part of Denver, Colorado.  Owner, Touhami, had traveled the world extensively but craved spending more time with his children.  When they settled in Denver, Touhami went to work looking for a business that not only could he run but include his son Jamil and daughter Miriam. In 2016 they found the perfect location and together they designed, built and promoted Cafe Miriam until it opened in June of 2017.  They originally … Read More

Review of Three Italian Restaurants in Denver, Colorado

Tavernetta is located in the Northwest part of Denver, Colorado on Sixteenth Street. It is owned by the Frasca Hospitality Group which was founded by Master Sommelier Bobby Sutckey and Chef Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson and partner Peter Hoglund. This group has won many regional and national awards as they strive to give their clientele authentic hospitality with elevated cuisine and amazing service. At Tavernetta, Chef Cody, got his start at The Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago which is a Le … Read More

Denver’s Top Three Restaurants

Denver may not be the most populous city on the planet, but it definitely has its share of great restaurants. They’re spread out all over town, so it also gives me a reason to see every inch of the city. Lately, a lot of my friends have been asking me what my favorite Denver restaurants are, so I’m going to review each of the restaurants that I think are the best in Denver. First up, there’s Chop Shop Casual Urban … Read More

Great Breakfast Places in Denver, Co

I don’t know about you but I love a great breakfast.  Sometimes, I just have to find a place to unwind and have a great meal.  I like to review places that get great reviews and the places I am going to highlight all have over 1,000 reviews and get four to four and one half stars on Google reviews. Snooze an A.M. Eatery is located in the Denver Ballpark neighborhood in Colorado (they also have locations in California, Arizona … Read More

Denver’s Top Three Best Restaurants of 2018

It may just be me, but personally I love going out to eat every night in Denver. There are so many different Denver restaurants, and they’re all really great. I have a few favorites that I usually fall back on, and I have taken it upon myself to reviews each one of the. I have already written a few reviews online for them, but that’s not the same thing. This process won’t involve numbered scoring, because it is up to … Read More

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