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Looking for a fire extinguisher service in Denver? We’ve got you covered. If you’ve been in the restaurant business a while, it’s probably no surprise to you that your restaurant must have everything in place to meet OSHA requirements. In short, this means that you must not only have a fire evacuation plan prepared, but also adequate fire emergency equipment available.

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By law, your restaurant must provide adequate fire extinguishers. This doesn’t mean you order something off the internet and place it where ever you like. When running a restaurant, your stuff has to be pretty buttoned up. Here are a few things you’ll need to add to your fire extinguisher check list:

  • Your team must be able to locate, identify, and prepare to use them if necessary.
  • You may only use approved fire extinguishers that are up-to-code.
  • Fire extinguishers must be regularly maintained, cleaned and charged.
  • Fire extinguishers in your restaurant must not contain carbon tetrachloride or chlorobromomethane extinguishing agents.

For more specific OSHA requirements, visit the website.


ProCo Hood Cleaning is not only a professional commercial kitchen cleaning team, but we can also address your fire extinguisher needs as well. Members on our team have become certified and licensed fire extinguisher service technicians so that we can readily serve you. We are well-rounded and educated on fire safety, and we would be happy to service your fire extinguisher regularly.

Our fire extinguisher service technicians can ensure that your extinguisher is placed appropriately, cleaned and functioning properly. We can perform hydrostatic testing, which is a somewhat dangerous test that should not be performed by anyone other than a professional. This is a high-pressure test that will basically test the functionality of your fire extinguisher.

If you have a new team on board, and you would like to educate them on fire safety and how to properly use a fire extinguisher, we would be glad to offer you that service as well. If you need a fire extinguisher replaced, we can also serve that need as well.


Fire marshals, OSHA and the board of health will highly suggest (if not require) that you have a professional regularly maintain your fire extinguisher. Why not make this a part of our regular visit? That’s one less phone number you have to save in your phone.

We are well-rounded in this field because we want to see your restaurant really shine. We thoroughly enjoy watching our clients grow their business. If there’s anything we can do to help that process along, we will certainly do it.

We imagine that one of the most challenging things about running a commercial food business is trying to cover your butt in every possible category. Safety is a huge issue in the commercial kitchen industry, and it can be very overwhelming for business owners. That’s why we’re here. We are educated on all the local codes and we can ensure that your kitchen is always meeting the standards.

So if you need a fire extinguisher service, look no further and choose ProCo. Call us today. We look forward to working with you.

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