Capri Kitchen Nightmare F4

Capri Kitchen Nightmares

Capri Kitchen NightmareCapri was a Los Angeles-based restaurant that featured in Season 4 of Kitchen Nightmares. For the latest information, check back.  As a hood cleaning proprietor, I have seen some of the dirtiest kitchens out there, but this one really takes the cake!

Find out what Gordon Ramsay saw on The Capri, and what has changed since Gordon left The Capri.

Capri Kitchen Nightmares Episode Recap

Gordon Ramsay visits Capri, Eagle Rock in Los Angeles in this episode of Kitchen Nightmares.

They entertain their guests, but they’re so lazy they don’t do much work.

Gordon arrives and isn’t impressed by the restaurant’s exterior. He also thinks the interior is too dark.

Jeff greets him, and he tells Jeff that the restaurant is closed during daylight hours. The restaurant opens only at 4 o’clock in the evening for dinner.

Gordon looks around the dining room while he waits for his food to be delivered. He is shocked at its state with taped floors and stained booths.

Jim claims that he is responsible cleaning the restaurant. However, he says he hates it.

The meatballs are frozen and microwaved to reheat. The pizza is crumbly and has lots of gunk.

Jim cannot tell Scarpello the age of his frozen chicken because it is so dull and stale.

Gordon finds bits of gum underneath the table. Colleen tells Gordon that it’s not been cleaned previously.

There are precooked meals, rotten vegetables and a warmt sauce in a refrigerator that could have been dangerous to use during the walk-in.

Jim and Jeff return to cooking, and send the food out to the diners. However, they are not impressed.

Gordon’s encouragement inspired Jeff to get back in the dinner service and help Jim get the kitchen back on track.

Gordon discovers that the chicken was not being properly defrosted, and he tells Jim he will take it off the menu.

Instead, he announces the shortage of chicken directly to diners in the dining area and many of them walk out.

Soon, Jim & Gordon have an argument. Darian, the pizza cook, quickly reveals that Darian and Jim are children and will cry when things don’t go their way.

Customers who remained unhappy with the service they received complained about having to wait hours for their food and were frustrated when they were not served immediately.

After the twins have spent the majority of the night cleaning the house, Gordon arrives at the restaurant early to help with lunch.Capri Kitchen Nightmare 11

Jim and Jeff arrive in a packed dining room. Gordon has just introduced their new lunch menu, and they sit down and enjoy it.

He informs the twins they made $300. The twins realize that it would increase their revenue to open every day at noon.

Gordon teaches them how to make homemade meatballs, while Jim shouts about their meatballs on the street.

Gordon and his team worked overnight to make the restaurant look brand new. This is the largest transformation in the history of the show.

Capri Kitchen Nightmares Relaunch

Jim is busy at the kitchen assisting with the relaunch. Food quickly leaves the kitchen.

Gordon takes them outside for an encouraging pep talk. When the kitchen opens, it turns the tables and the customers love the new food.

Gordon talks with the twins after the night’s success and tells them that they are grateful.

Gordon surprises them both with a certificate of appreciation from their local Chamber of Commerce.

Eight months after the broadcast, the twins reported that their business had increased 20%.

Yelp reviews for the show are mostly positive. Customers love the twins, and the pizza and meatballs are well received.

Comment Section

This restaurant was the only one I could eat at out of all the KN restaurants. Although the food was okay (the pizza was good, but not the best), and the service was excellent, it seems that they are doing well. According to what I read, the Kingston Cafe closed down recently. This was surprising considering it had been open since Old Pasadena opened.

Holy macro. The episode’s beginning was my first experience with a restaurant being closed. I decided to check it out here. It shocks me to learn that they are open. Amazing.

This episode was my favorite of all. I loved them, they were funny, and you can see their good nature. I wish them the best of luck.

Capri Kitchen Nightmare 10Yes. Also, they reminded of me very lovable shire people and I could feel that they melted Nodrog’s heart. God Bless Jim and Jeff. Hmmm. Quite endearing. This was a very enjoyable episode. I’ll be watching it again.

As I write this, May 20, 2015 is the date I am currently watching the episode. I am also planning to visit So-Cal because Disney Rocks! I need to know how far the restaurant is from Disney. Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum are must-sees at any Disney resort. When I first saw this episode, that was the first thing in my mind. It turns out they are actors. Where were they when Tim Burton made Alice again? This movie was great and I think these two would have been better than CG. It is great to see them being open and honest. They seem to be decent men unlike many of the arrogant toerags that appear on the show. The boxing match was great!

This episode of Kitchen Nightmares was amazing! I was afraid they would go back into their old ways as in past episodes, but I am stunned and speechless at how grateful and happy they are to have taken Gordon’s advice. They are proud of their accomplishments and I am happy for them. Kitchen Nightmares has seen one of the greatest turnarounds! Hope to see them again on a future episode. 🙂