Hood Cleaning Company Reviews | Denver

The couple that runs ProCo Hood Cleaning are the nicest people we have ever met.  They started cleaning our commercial kitchen exhaust system last year and do a great job every time.  I would recommend them to anybody looking for a great hood cleaner.
Josh Arnold
Restaurant Owner

Hood Cleaning Company Reviews | Denver

I manage a small restaurant in the Denver area and really like to do business with local companies.  We found ProCo Hood Cleaning online and would not use anybody else.
Jo Ann Vernon
Restaurant Manager

Hood Cleaning Company Reviews | Denver

Thank goodness we have ProCo Hood Cleaning on a regular schedule coming out to clean our kitchen hoods.  There was a fire at a nearby restaurant that totaled the kitchen.  The insurance company refused to pay their claim because they had not had their hood cleaned by professional in over a year.
Debra Walkenshaw

Hood Cleaning Company Reviews | Denver

I have worked in several restaurants in the Denver area and always recommend to the owner they use ProCo Hood Cleaning.  They are professional, on time and get the job done right.
Brandon Stephens
Kitchen Manager

Hood Cleaning Company Reviews | Denver

I met the owner of ProCo Hood Cleaning early one morning in our restaurant.  He was taking his crew out for breakfast after a long night of hood cleaning.  I had been looking for a new hood cleaning company and was impressed.  I was very impressed with the work did as well.
Glen Atkison

Restaurant Kitchen Hood Cleaning
Bailey, Colorado


If you’re looking for a professional kitchen hood cleaner in the Bailey, Colorado area, look no further. ProCo Hood Cleaning in Bailey, Colorado can address all of your commercial kitchen hood cleaning needs and more. Having a functional and clean commercial kitchen is an important part of passing inspection. In fact, many insurance companies, fire marshals and board of health inspectors require that you have your exhaust hood system cleaned regularly. Without a regular hood cleaning done by professionals, your restaurant is at risk for fire or contamination of hazardous bacteria. You can check our About page to know more about our company.

For specific details about hood cleaning requirements, consult your local board of health or insurance company. They can tell you about kitchen hood cleaning requirements and regulations. Don’t be ashamed to ask questions. You’re only trying to do your business some good. You can also look over the Colorado.gov website here. 

A kitchen hood system ensures that your Bailey restaurant is able to work and function properly. If your restaurant does a lot of frying, your hood system will be used more. The hood system separates the grease from the smoke and properly directs the fumes to the outside of the building (this is why on Friday nights we can smell steaks and fried potatoes for miles). By doing this, your hood system is preventing the grease and smoke from flooding into your restaurant and running all of your customers out the door. Oh, and it’s preventing a potential fire too.


If you’ve been in the commercial food business for long, you know that grease can be a royal pain. It seems to be everywhere. It’s on the floors, the walls, the equipment, and when you go home at night, no offense, but you probably smell like a ball of grease when you leave too. It’s an inevitable part of the commercial food business, and it’s a beautiful thing. Except the inspectors may not agree. So that’s why we’re here.


ProCo Hood Cleaning is a team of trained hood cleaning professionals in the Bailey, Colorado area. Our team doesn’t just come in with some rags and a bottle of soap and water. We have trained extensively to become certified kitchen hood cleaners. We’re educated on fire awareness and hazardous materials. Our professionals are aware of the local code and can ensure that your restaurant meets the local board of health standards for commercial kitchen hood systems.

When you can no longer scrub the grease residue off of your kitchen hood system with daily cleaning, it’s time to call a professional kitchen hood cleaner. We are proud to be your Denver kitchen hood cleaner.  Health inspectors, fire marshals and your insurance company may require that you have your kitchen hood system cleaned regularly. “Regularly” is a gray area for many businesses. It all depends on your business and just how much frying you do/how often your kitchen is running. As a general rule, a regular kitchen hood cleaning can be defined as about every 90 days. However, some restaurants that don’t fry as often can go as long as a year–though that’s not common.


Sometimes we think it would be really funny to be a fly on the wall in a commercial kitchen. C’mon, we know the truth. It’s total chaos back there. It’s like behind the scenes of a play. Cooks are cooking, waitresses are running around 90 miles an hour, chewing out the cooks, food is flying everywhere, plates are dropped, etc. Yet the moment a waitress or waiter enters the dining room, they wear their best smile and do everything in their power to ensure the customers that everyone has their, er, “stuff” together.

The point is that a commercial kitchen can have a pretty big mess to deal with at the end of every shift. Unfortunately, not everyone can scrub the ceiling and the walls every night before they leave. That’s why ProCo Hood Cleaning does more than just clean kitchen exhaust systems. We can use our pressure washing and steam cleaning technologies to leave your kitchen sparkling like new. We can also inspect and clean kitchen equipment.

When we do any type of cleaning at your restaurant, we will always do an overall inspection before beginning work. During our inspection, we will determine any potential fire hazards or risks. We will look for any risk factors or malfunctions, and inform you of our findings before we begin any work.


People like you make it possible for us to do what we do every day. Your satisfaction is important to us and we will always treat you with respect when we are on the job. We will be professional, clean, and dependable partners. So let’s do business together. Call us now or visit our contact page so that we can send a kitchen hood cleaner your way. 

Hood Cleaning is our life!
(weird, right?)


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